Sources dec.singhtechcrunch indian whatsapp 100m tiger

Sources dec.singhtechcrunch indian whatsapp 100m tiger

Sources dec.singhtechcrunch indian whatsapp 100m tiger, the popular messaging app owned by Facebook, has recently reached a significant milestone in India. The app now has over 100 million users in the country, making it one of the most widely used communication platforms in India. This news comes as WhatsApp also announced a new investment from Tiger Global, a New York-based investment firm.

WhatsApp’s Popularity in India

India has been a key market for WhatsApp since its launch in 2009. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India represents a massive opportunity for any tech company looking to expand its user base. WhatsApp has been successful in India due to its ease of use, low data usage, and ability to work on low-end smartphones. In addition to its core messaging features, WhatsApp has also introduced a number of features specifically designed for the Indian market. These include support for multiple Indian languages, the ability to send money through the app, and a feature that allows users to check the authenticity of forwarded messages.

Tiger Global’s Investment

Tiger Global’s investment in WhatsApp is a significant vote of confidence in the app’s future growth potential. The investment is said to be worth $250 million, and will be used to help WhatsApp expand its operations in India and other emerging markets. Tiger Global is no stranger to investing in tech companies with massive growth potential. The firm has previously invested in companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Spotify. With this investment in WhatsApp, Tiger Global is betting on the continued growth of the messaging app in India and other developing countries.


WhatsApp’s success in India is also testament to the app’s ability to adapt to local markets and provide users with a reliable and easy-to-use communication platform. With over 100 million users in India and a new investment from Tiger Global, WhatsApp is well-positioned to continue its growth in the country and beyond. As more and more people around the world turn to messaging apps for communication, WhatsApp’s success is likely to continue for years to come.

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