Scopely Invests $20M in Burlingame Studios: A New Era in Mobile Gaming

Scopely Invests $20M in Burlingame Studios: A New Era in Mobile Gaming

In a significant move that highlights the ever-evolving landscape of the mobile gaming industry, Scopely, a leading mobile games giant, has recently invested $20 million in Burlingame Studios, a newly-formed game development outfit based in California[1]. This partnership between Scopely and Burlingame Studios marks a pivotal moment in the industry, as it brings together the expertise and resources of two prominent players to create innovative and captivating gaming experiences for mobile users worldwide.


The Birth of Burlingame Studios

Burlingame Studios was founded by a team of veterans from the casual games sector, who have a wealth of experience in creating engaging and accessible gaming experiences[2]. Led by Chief Executive Chris McGill, Burlingame Studios aims to push the boundaries of mobile gaming and deliver high-quality titles that resonate with a wide audience. The partnership with Scopely provides the studio with the necessary financial backing and industry expertise to turn their vision into reality.

A Strategic Investment

Scopely’s decision to invest $20 million in Burlingame Studios is a testament to the potential and talent that the studio possesses. The investment not only provides Burlingame Studios with the necessary capital to fund its projects but also signifies Scopely’s confidence in the studio’s ability to deliver successful and profitable games[3]. This strategic partnership allows both companies to leverage their respective strengths and create synergies that will drive innovation and growth in the mobile gaming market.

Collaboration for Success

The collaboration between Scopely and Burlingame Studios extends beyond financial support. The two studios will work closely together to develop an “all new experience”[4]. This collaboration will undoubtedly benefit both parties, as it allows Burlingame Studios to tap into Scopely’s vast network and resources, while Scopely gains access to the fresh ideas and creative talent of Burlingame Studios. By combining their expertise, the two studios aim to create groundbreaking games that captivate and engage players on a whole new level.

Shaping the Future of Mobile Gaming

The partnership between Scopely and Burlingame Studios has the potential to shape the future of mobile gaming. With Scopely’s extensive experience in the industry and Burlingame Studios’ innovative approach, the collaboration is poised to deliver games that push the boundaries of what is possible on mobile devices. As the mobile gaming market continues to grow and evolve, this partnership sets a new standard for excellence and innovation, inspiring other developers to strive for greatness.


The $20 million investment by Scopely in Burlingame Studios marks an exciting chapter in the mobile gaming industry. This strategic partnership brings together two industry leaders with a shared vision of creating exceptional gaming experiences for mobile users worldwide. As Scopely and Burlingame Studios collaborate to develop new and innovative games, the future of mobile gaming looks brighter than ever before.

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