Nvidia Omniverse Expands with Blender and Adobe Integrations

Nvidia Omniverse Expands with Blender and Adobe Integrations

Nvidia, a leading technology company known for its graphics processing units (GPUs), has recently expanded its Omniverse simulation and collaboration platform through new integrations with Blender and Adobe [1]. This expansion aims to enhance the capabilities of these popular software tools and provide artists and creators with improved access to Omniverse’s production pipelines. With the addition of Universal Scene Description (USD) support, Blender users can now seamlessly connect to Omniverse and leverage its powerful features for 3D animation and design [1]. Furthermore, Nvidia’s collaboration with Adobe brings forth a Substance 3D plug-in that enables users to easily incorporate Omniverse into their creative workflows [1]. These integrations mark an important milestone in the evolution of Nvidia Omniverse, offering enhanced possibilities for 3D content creation and collaboration.

Blender Integration: Accessing Omniverse Production Pipelines

Blender, an open-source 3D animation tool widely used by artists and designers, now benefits from the integration with Nvidia Omniverse. The addition of USD support allows Blender users to tap into Omniverse’s extensive production pipelines, enabling them to work seamlessly with 3D data in a unified view [1]. By connecting their favorite creative apps to Omniverse and USD, creators can accelerate their 3D workflows and collaborate more efficiently [2].

The integration between Blender and Omniverse also brings an alpha version of the Nucleus Connector add-on [4]. This add-on streamlines access to Omniverse assets and enhances interoperability, further simplifying the process of incorporating Omniverse into Blender projects [4]. With these advancements, artists using Blender can now leverage the power of Nvidia’s Omniverse platform to create stunning 3D visuals and collaborate with ease.

Adobe Collaboration: Substance 3D Plug-In

In addition to the Blender integration, Nvidia has collaborated with Adobe to develop a Substance 3D plug-in that seamlessly connects Adobe’s creative tools with Omniverse [1]. Substance 3D is a suite of software tools designed for 3D material creation and visualization. With the new plug-in, Adobe users can now incorporate Omniverse into their Substance 3D workflows, unlocking the potential for enhanced collaboration and streamlined content creation [1].

The Substance 3D plug-in allows users to import and export assets between Adobe applications and Omniverse, facilitating a seamless transition between the two platforms [1]. This integration empowers artists and designers to leverage the power of Omniverse’s simulation and collaboration capabilities directly within their preferred Adobe tools, enhancing their creative workflows and enabling them to bring their visions to life more efficiently.

Expanding Possibilities: Nvidia RTX Remix and Unity Integration

Nvidia Omniverse continues to expand its capabilities beyond Blender and Adobe integrations. The platform now includes Nvidia RTX Remix, a free modding platform built on Omniverse [3]. RTX Remix enables modders to quickly create and share mods for classic games, incorporating full ray tracing and enhanced materials [3]. This integration showcases the potential of Omniverse in the gaming industry, allowing game developers and modders to take advantage of Nvidia’s advanced graphics technologies.

Furthermore, Omniverse has also added Unity integration, enabling Unity developers to harness the power of Omniverse for their projects [3]. By integrating Omniverse into Unity, developers can benefit from its simulation and collaboration features, enhancing their ability to create immersive and visually stunning experiences.


The recent expansions of Nvidia Omniverse through integrations with Blender and Adobe demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing artists, designers, and developers with powerful tools for 3D content creation and collaboration. The addition of USD support in Blender opens up new possibilities for Blender users, allowing them to access Omniverse’s production pipelines and streamline their workflows. The collaboration with Adobe brings Omniverse into the Substance 3D ecosystem, enabling seamless integration and enhanced content creation. Furthermore, the inclusion of Nvidia RTX Remix and Unity integration showcases the versatility of Omniverse across different industries, from gaming to immersive experiences. With these integrations, Nvidia is empowering creators to push the boundaries of their imagination and unlock new levels of creativity.


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