Atari CEO Fred Chesnais: Reviving a Gaming Legend

In 2013, Frederic Chesnais took the reins of the legendary gaming company Atari, which had faced significant challenges in recent years. Since then, Chesnais has been instrumental in revitalizing the brand and steering it towards new opportunities. In this article, we delve into an interview with Atari CEO Fred Chesnais to gain insights into his strategies, the company’s restructuring, and its foray into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


1. Taking the Helm at Atari

When Chesnais assumed the role of CEO at Atari, the company was in dire straits.[1] However, he saw potential in the brand’s rich history and iconic games. Chesnais recognized the importance of nostalgia in the gaming industry and aimed to leverage Atari’s legacy to reconnect with fans and attract new players.[1]

Under Chesnais’ leadership, Atari underwent a significant restructuring, splitting the company into separate gaming and blockchain divisions.[2] This strategic move allowed Atari to focus on its core gaming business while exploring new opportunities in emerging technologies.

2. Reviving Atari’s Gaming Division

One of Chesnais’ notable achievements as CEO was the successful revival of Atari’s gaming division. He spearheaded the development and release of RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, a mobile version of the popular theme park simulation game.[1] The game’s success played a crucial role in turning around Atari’s fortunes, with millions of downloads and positive reviews from players and critics alike.[1]

Chesnais understood the importance of adapting to the changing gaming landscape. In addition to mobile games, he also emphasized the company’s focus on developing games for consoles and PCs.[1] By diversifying Atari’s gaming portfolio, Chesnais aimed to appeal to a broader audience and ensure the company’s long-term sustainability.

3. Atari’s Venture into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Under Chesnais’ guidance, Atari made a bold move into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.[2] The company launched the Atari Token, a digital currency that can be used for in-game purchases, as well as for transactions on partner platforms.[2] This initiative aimed to leverage the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Chesnais recognized the potential of blockchain to revolutionize various aspects of gaming, including digital rights management, secure transactions, and decentralized game development.[3] Atari’s entry into the blockchain space positioned the company at the forefront of this emerging trend, opening up new avenues for growth and innovation.

4. The Future of Atari

Looking ahead, Chesnais remains optimistic about Atari’s future. He believes that the company’s rich history and strong brand recognition will continue to be valuable assets.[1] Chesnais plans to capitalize on Atari’s legacy by developing new games that resonate with both longtime fans and a new generation of players.

Furthermore, Chesnais envisions Atari expanding its reach beyond gaming, exploring opportunities in areas such as licensing and entertainment.[1] By leveraging the iconic Atari brand, the company can extend its influence into various forms of media and merchandise.


Under the leadership of CEO Fred Chesnais, Atari has undergone a remarkable transformation. Through strategic restructuring, a focus on game development, and a venture into blockchain and cryptocurrency, Chesnais has successfully revived the gaming legend. As Atari continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing gaming landscape, it remains poised to captivate audiences with innovative experiences that pay homage to its storied past.

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