1. The Birth of Burlingame Studios

1. The Birth of Burlingame Studios

In a recent move to expand its presence in the gaming industry, mobile games giant Scopely has invested $20 million in Burlingame Studios, a newly-formed game development outfit based in California [1]. This partnership aims to leverage the expertise of Burlingame Studios’ veteran team of casual game developers and Scopely’s position as a leader in mobile-first games [2]. The collaboration between the two studios is expected to result in the creation of an “all new experience” for gamers [4]. This article will delve into the details of the Scopely-Burlingame Studios partnership, exploring the potential impact on the gaming landscape and the opportunities it presents for both companies.


1. The Birth of Burlingame Studios

Burlingame Studios was founded by a group of industry veterans with extensive experience in developing casual games [2]. Led by Chief Executive Chris McGill, the team brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the table. The studio’s focus on creating engaging and accessible games aligns well with Scopely’s mobile-first approach [3]. The investment from Scopely not only provides financial support but also signifies the recognition of Burlingame Studios’ potential in the gaming market.

2. The Implications of Scopely’s Investment

Scopely’s $20 million investment in Burlingame Studios demonstrates its commitment to expanding its portfolio and staying at the forefront of the gaming industry [1]. By partnering with Burlingame Studios, Scopely gains access to a talented team with a proven track record in developing successful casual games [4]. This collaboration opens up new avenues for Scopely to diversify its game offerings and attract a broader audience.

Furthermore, this investment highlights Scopely’s confidence in the future of casual gaming. With the rise of mobile gaming and the increasing popularity of casual games among a wide range of players, Scopely’s strategic move positions the company to capitalize on this growing market segment [2]. By joining forces with Burlingame Studios, Scopely aims to tap into the expertise and creativity of the Burlingame team to develop innovative and engaging gaming experiences.

3. The Potential Impact on the Gaming Landscape

The partnership between Scopely and Burlingame Studios has the potential to shape the gaming landscape in several ways. Firstly, it could lead to the creation of unique and captivating games that cater to a diverse audience. With Burlingame Studios’ expertise in developing casual games and Scopely’s resources and market reach, the collaboration is poised to produce games that resonate with players across different demographics [4].

Secondly, this partnership could foster innovation in game development. By combining the creative talents of Burlingame Studios’ team with Scopely’s industry knowledge and technological capabilities, there is an opportunity to push boundaries and explore new gameplay mechanics, storytelling techniques, and immersive experiences [3]. This could result in groundbreaking games that set new standards for the industry.

4. The Benefits for Scopely and Burlingame Studios

The collaboration between Scopely and Burlingame Studios offers mutual benefits for both companies. For Scopely, the partnership provides an avenue for expanding its game portfolio and diversifying its offerings [2]. By leveraging Burlingame Studios’ expertise in casual games, Scopely can tap into a new market segment and attract a broader player base. Additionally, the collaboration allows Scopely to strengthen its position as a leader in mobile-first games by delivering high-quality gaming experiences.

For Burlingame Studios, the investment from Scopely provides financial stability and resources to fuel its growth [1]. The partnership also offers access to Scopely’s extensive network and distribution channels, enabling Burlingame Studios to reach a wider audience and maximize the potential of its games [3]. Furthermore, the collaboration with Scopely brings valuable industry insights and expertise, which can help Burlingame Studios refine its game development processes and enhance its capabilities.


The $20 million investment by Scopely in Burlingame Studios marks an exciting development in the gaming industry. This partnership brings together the creative talents of Burlingame Studios’ veteran team and Scopely’s position as a leader in mobile-first games. The collaboration has the potential to create unique and captivating gaming experiences, drive innovation in game development, and expand the reach of both companies. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, the Scopely-Burlingame Studios partnership positions both companies for success in the dynamic and competitive gaming market.


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