Volans Tequila: A Journey into Ultra-Premium Quality

Volans Tequila: A Journey into Ultra-Premium Quality

Volans Tequila is an ultra-premium brand that has quickly gained recognition in the world of tequila enthusiasts. With its commitment to high-quality production and additive-free spirits, Volans offers a unique experience for those seeking a refined sipping tequila. In this article, we will explore the craftsmanship behind Volans Tequila, its distinct flavor profiles, and the dedication of its master distiller.

The Art of Distillation

At the heart of Volans Tequila lies the El Pandillo Distillery in Jesus Maria, Jalisco. This renowned distillery is where Master Distiller Felipe Camarena and his team meticulously craft each bottle of Volans Tequila ┬áThe distillery’s commitment to traditional methods and attention to detail ensures that every drop of Volans Tequila is of the highest quality.

Using fully mature Blue Weber Agave, Volans Blanco is the unaged expression of the brand. It is made from a mix of three sources of water – rainwater, 450ft deep well water, and spring water . This unique combination contributes to the distinct flavor profile of Volans Blanco. Upon tasting, one can expect notes of sweet cooked agave, minerals, floral notes, black pepper, apple, and pear . The oxygenation process further enhances the flavors, resulting in a smooth and balanced tequila.

A Commitment to Purity

Volans Tequila takes pride in its commitment to producing additive-free tequila. The brand believes that true tequila should be enjoyed in its purest form, without any artificial flavors or additives. This dedication to purity ensures that each sip of Volans Tequila is an authentic and unadulterated experience.

The Constellation of Excellence

Named after the constellation of the flying fish, Volans Tequila has truly found its place amongst the stars in the world of tequila ┬áThe brand’s commitment to excellence and craftsmanship has garnered recognition and praise from tequila enthusiasts worldwide. Volans Tequila has become a sought-after brand for those who appreciate the artistry and dedication that goes into creating an exceptional tequila.


Volans Tequila offers a journey into ultra-premium quality, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication of its master distiller, Felipe Camarena. With its commitment to purity and traditional methods, Volans Tequila has established itself as a brand that stands out in the world of tequila. Whether sipped neat or enjoyed in a crafted cocktail, Volans Tequila provides a unique and memorable experience for tequila connoisseurs.


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