Mike Bloombergfunded Joe MayschleiferVox

Mike Bloombergfunded Joe MayschleiferVox

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been known to fund political campaigns and organizations that align with his beliefs and values. One such organization is Vox, a media outlet that produces explanatory journalism on a variety of topics. Bloomberg has donated millions of dollars to Vox, which has raised questions about the outlet’s impartiality and independence [1].

However, the controversy surrounding Bloomberg’s involvement with Vox doesn’t end there. In recent years, Bloomberg has also funded a new venture called Hawkfish, which is dedicated to helping Democrats win elections on the local, state, and national levels [3]. One of the key figures in the firm is Joe Mayschleifer, who is the chief executive officer of Hawkfish [2]. Mayschleifer has a long history in the world of digital advertising and has worked on several high-profile campaigns in the past. He was also a key player in Bloomberg’s unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2020 [2].

The partnership between Bloomberg, Mayschleifer, and Vox has been met with mixed reactions. On one hand, some argue that Bloomberg’s funding of Vox and Hawkfish is simply a way for him to use his wealth to support causes he believes in [1]. Others, however, are concerned that Bloomberg’s involvement could compromise the independence of Vox and its reporting [1]. Additionally, some worry that Hawkfish’s focus on helping Democrats win elections could lead to a shift away from progressive policies within the party [5].

Despite these concerns, Bloomberg and Mayschleifer have continued to move forward with their partnership. In fact, they recently announced that they would be expanding Hawkfish’s operations to include more states and local races [3]. The venture combines Bloomberg’s expertise in data and analytics with Mayschleifer’s experience in politics and communication [3]. The goal is to provide Democratic candidates with the tools they need to run successful campaigns and win elections.

While the partnership between Bloomberg, Mayschleifer, and Vox may be controversial, it is clear that they are committed to using their resources to support Democratic candidates and causes. Whether this will ultimately have a positive or negative impact on the party remains to be seen.


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