Atari’s Legacy and Challenges

Atari’s Legacy and Challenges

Atari, a name synonymous with classic gaming, has been making headlines recently with its CEO, Frederic Chesnais, discussing the company’s plans for the future and its adaptation to the ever-changing gaming industry[2]. Chesnais has emphasized that Atari’s vision extends beyond merchandise and that he envisions a return to hardware[1]. In this interview with VC Stakahanashi on VentureBeat, Chesnais sheds light on Atari’s past, present, and future, highlighting the company’s pioneering role in the video game industry and its ambitious plans[4].

Atari’s Legacy and Challenges

Founded in 1972, Atari quickly became a pioneer in the video game industry, introducing iconic games like Pong and the Atari 2600 console[4]. However, the company faced significant challenges in the 1980s and 1990s, leading to its decline[4]. Chesnais acknowledges these tough times but remains optimistic about Atari’s future[4]. He believes that the company’s rich history and brand recognition provide a strong foundation for its resurgence[2].

Adapting to the Changing Gaming Industry

In the interview, Chesnais discusses how Atari is adapting to the ever-changing gaming industry[2]. He recognizes the importance of staying relevant in a market dominated by major players like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo[2]. To achieve this, Atari is focusing on three key areas: mobile gaming, blockchain technology, and virtual reality (VR)[2].

Chesnais acknowledges the growing popularity of mobile gaming and sees it as a significant opportunity for Atari[2]. The company has been developing mobile games and partnering with established mobile gaming companies to reach a wider audience[2]. By leveraging its iconic brand and creating engaging mobile experiences, Atari aims to capture the attention of both new and nostalgic gamers[2].

Additionally, Atari is exploring the potential of blockchain technology in gaming[2]. Chesnais believes that blockchain can revolutionize the industry by enabling secure and transparent transactions, as well as providing players with true ownership of in-game assets[2]. Atari has already launched its own cryptocurrency, the Atari Token, which can be used within its gaming ecosystem[2]. This move not only demonstrates Atari’s commitment to innovation but also opens up new revenue streams for the company[2].

Furthermore, Chesnais expresses enthusiasm for the possibilities offered by VR technology[2]. He believes that VR has the potential to create immersive gaming experiences that go beyond traditional gaming platforms[2]. Atari is actively exploring VR development and aims to deliver unique and captivating VR experiences to its audience[2].

Returning to Hardware

While Atari has been primarily focused on software and licensing in recent years, Chesnais reveals his desire to return to hardware[1]. He sees hardware as a natural progression for the company, given its history as a hardware manufacturer[1]. Although he doesn’t provide specific details about Atari’s hardware plans in the interview, Chesnais hints at the potential for new gaming devices that align with the company’s vision[1].

Chesnais acknowledges the challenges of entering the hardware market, particularly with established competitors like Sony and Microsoft[1]. However, he believes that Atari’s unique brand and loyal fanbase give the company a competitive advantage[1]. By combining innovative hardware with compelling software experiences, Atari aims to carve out a niche in the market and attract gamers looking for something different[1].


Atari’s CEO, Frederic Chesnais, envisions a bright future for the iconic gaming company. Through strategic adaptations to the changing gaming industry, such as mobile gaming, blockchain technology, and VR, Atari aims to capture new audiences while appealing to its nostalgic fanbase. Chesnais also hints at a potential return to hardware, leveraging Atari’s brand recognition and unique offerings. As Atari continues to evolve and innovate, it remains a company to watch in the gaming industry.

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